Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Review - Ever After

Ever After - life lessons learned in my castle of chaos is a novel written by Vicki Courtney.  Thanks to Shelton Interactive, I was given an opportunity to read this delightful book.  From the back cover: In Ever After, best-selling author Vicki Courtney addresses the realities of marriage and motherhood, the difficulties and the blessings.  She offers women a behind the scenes glimpse of what a fairy tale really looks like on the average day for the average wife and mom.  Poignant, funny, and even cathartic, Vicki shares mistakes made, lessons earned, and memories to keep.  Most of all, she reflects the hope that Christ meets us whenever we are in the journey and that He alone is the answer to the happily-ever after we long for.

My thoughts: I liked this book;  I found it interesting and funny.  Each chapter covered a different topic with humorous stories, advice given by Vicki, and biblical verses referenced and discussed a little.  My favorite chapter was School Daze (Chapter 10) as there were incidents Vicki told about that I could relate to, especially the topic 'Death by School Projects.'  What I will take away from this book is what was written in the last chapter: "Why settle for a fairy tale pipe dream when God has written us into the greatest story ever told-his story? Let us reflect daily on the beautiful love story of redemption.  No fairy tale can match the rescue mission that took place in God's story."  I would recommend this book to others but I think moms especially will enjoy it.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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