Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday I took the kids to Sprinkles Cupcakes - they opened a branch here a short while ago in San Diego (La Jolla) and I've already been a few times. I was surprised that there wasn't a long line as usual, but Sprinkles' birthday was the day before, so maybe everyone went then instead. I bought a banana cupcake (my favorite) and we all got a FREE chocolate cupcake because we knew the secret phrase!

Sprinkles gives a secret phrase on Facebook every day, so check before you go so you can also get your own free cupcake. And if you don't live near a Sprinkles shop, there is a Sprinklesmobile (!) that travels around the country handing out free cupcakes. According to Facebook, on Saturday they will be in Austin, Texas and Sunday they will be in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Have a great weekend!

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