Wednesday, March 16, 2011

earthquake relief mirror

I've added a new mirror to the shop - Jumping Bunny Pink, made from Japanese chiyogami paper. If any Jumping Bunny Pink mirrors sell, I am earmarking the proceeds to be donated to the Red Cross. I am planning to write a check to the Red Cross at the end of next month with instructions to have the money directly go to any aid to Japan.

There's a lot of sellers that are donating their proceeds or partial proceeds to the Japanese aid relief - by buying one (or more) of the items, you're not only supporting handmade, but getting something lovely for yourself and helping a great cause. Search for those items by using tags "japan aid" or "earthquake/tsunami relief" and see what shows up.

On a personal note, my cousin in Tokyo (Shibuya) emailed and let me know her family is safe. We have always been close and when I got married, she flew out from Japan to be one of my bridesmaids. Now we both have kids and always send presents to each other's children for Christmas and birthdays. It's scary to hear about the radiation leaks among other problems that are still occurring, but I'm hopeful that my Japanese family will continue to stay safe.

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