Monday, April 1, 2013


North of Hope A Daughter's Arctic Journey is written by Shannon Huffman Polson.  After Shannon's father and stepmother Kathy are killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska, Shannon travels to Alaska to retrace their journey.  As Shannon tells the story of her journey, which includes her adopted brother Ned and his friend, she recalls anecdotes about her father and her life growing up with him.  Towards the end of the journey,(after a violent confrontation with her brother), Shannon starts to feel acceptance of the situation and states that this acceptance is how she will honor her father and stepmother. 
My thoughts:  I felt a little depressed reading this book.  I also didn't understand why she would travel with her brother Ned when they seemed to have a contentious relationship, but maybe it was meant to happen because after the confrontation with Ned, Shannon experienced a new loss of relationship and a new sadness.  She then decided to choose joy over pain and gratitude over grief. And for the first time, prompted by greater losses, she could let go.  I'm glad I read the book to the end because it does end on a positive note and happiness for Shannon. 

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