Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fourth of July Celebration

Today was the (early) 4th of July celebration at my neighborhood library, Rancho San Diego library. I really love this library; it was built just a few years ago so it's still new-ish and best of all, walking distance from our house.

I had my usual assortment of pinback buttons, mirrors, magnet sets and pendants. I also started making badge reels but so far have only sold a handful of them. Not sure if people just don't want/need badge reels or if I need other types of designs. I've been working on glass tile necklaces but didn't have enough to bring with me so hopefully I'll have enough (50+) for the next craft show.

Here's some pictures of the day and of course I forgot to take pictures of my booth. Have a great week - I'm off to Portland and Seattle for a combination vacation/anniversary getaway (9 years on July 4!!)


My little guy Jason with Rancho San Diego royalty - 2 real life princesses!

A few of the classic cars on display

The parade at the end of the celebration

Jason - the first place winner!!

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