Monday, March 26, 2012

free stories for children

I'm always websurfing for fun and family-friendly sites for my kids to enjoy. Story Time For Me is a great site that has online children's stories and storybooks that my son Jason and I found. The site is especially geared to children ages 1-8.

I like the founder's mission which states: "Our mission is to instill in children a love of reading and creative thinking by providing an interactive alternative to TV viewing and video gaming that makes reading fun. Our free online book library is not designed to take away from traditional reading, rather it is to replace the time kids are spending watching TV and playing video games."

As an avid book reader, I'm glad that they are not trying to take away from traditional reading but rather to instill in children a love of reading. As much as I love my Kindle, to me there's nothing that can replace holding a big fat juicy book in your hands.

What I like about the books on the site is once you press the play button, it starts reading out loud and the words are highlighted. Since my son is in kindergarten and is a beginning reader, it really helps him to have the words highlighted.

Not only are there free children's stories, but you can download personalized children's books as well. Enjoy!

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