Friday, March 2, 2012

Back to the Dating Scene

Okay I'm not planning on going back to the dating scene myself - I'll be celebrating my 9 year anniversary this summer, but when my friend Rachel asked me for advice about online dating I was curious enough to check into it.

Things have really changed for online dating since my dating days. For one thing, there's a dating site or program for almost every sector of society including people of varying religions, ethnicities and income levels. For another thing, many of the sites offer part or all of their services for free. There are services with multi-tiered memberships that provide some benefits at no cost. Members can upgrade and obtain more advanced services for a fee.

So what's a single to do? I found some dating review sites that seemed to be a tremendous resource, which eases the process of finding a good dating service. Some dating services provide a forum on their own site where singles can share their experiences with that particular service. I think that's a great idea that singles can give feedback.

However, the review sites that I found to be most useful were the independent review sites where singles share their online dating site experiences. The review sites are generally categorized by dating program which allows searchers to research the site that fits their needs and interests. A single who is looking for a dating program that specializes in a certain locality or population can check out the reviews aboutthe particular dating site of interest.

A particularly good dating review site that I came across was Geneka. The reviews on Geneka include information about each dating site's methods of operation as well as real-life stories written by singles who used the site. The writers are surprisingly forthcoming when writing about their experiences. The sites include both positive and negative reviews on many well known dating services and even some obscure ones like Table for Six that operates only in California.

Check it out and you may find yourself a date for the weekend! Have a great day!

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