Monday, February 13, 2012

Lowell Milken Center Discovery Award

Hello and Happy Monday! My kids have the day off from school in honor of Lincoln's birthday. Do you consider Lincoln to be a great president and/or hero?

The subject of "heroes" has been a fascinating topic to me. I admit to being one of those people who reads all the news articles about people who act heroically to better the world for others. I've read accounts that made my mouth hang open by the sheer selflessness of individuals who put themselves in danger for the sake of others. There are also plenty of other people who devote themselves to improving life for others and they are, to me, also true heroes.

I was reading some real-life stories about these heroes and I stumbled across an organization, the Lowell Milken Center, which is devoted to acknowledging such people. The Lowell Milken Center aims to tell the stories of individuals who changed history -- sometimes changing history for hundreds or thousands of people and sometimes changing history for just a few people. The Center is devoted to featuring the stories of individuals who have gone above and beyond reasonable expectations to improve the world.

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the Lowell Milken Center is the fact that it's aimed at encouraging young people to seek out stories about heroes. The students learn the heroes' narratives and chronicle the accounts of the actions. These accounts offer an opportunity for each of us to pause to think about what each of us can do, in our own lives, to impact positively on the world.

The center runs a contest in which individuals can nominate an unsung hero who has had an impact on events in such a manner that they have changed the course of history. The nomination must be based on solid research and provide examples of how the hero can be seen as a role model. Eligibility is for students in grades 4 - 12 and the prizes range start at $10,000 for the first prize donated by Lowell Milken founder of the Center.

I'm excited about following the contest and reading more about these amazing individuals. I encourage you to check out the site too!

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