Sunday, December 11, 2011

KinderCare Winter Camp

KinderCare Winter Camps

It's that time of the year again when kids will be on their school winter break. A great way to keep the kids busy and entertained while also still learning is to enroll them in KinderCare Winter Camp!

From December 19th - December 23rd and December 27th - December 30th, both preschool and school-age children can participate in KinderCare's Winter Camp. Children will explore the science of chemical reactions and learn about the magic of flight through educational and hands-on themed activities, including "Bubble Trouble," "Volcano Blast," "Helicopter Propellers," and "Balloon Rockets."

KinderCare's Winter Camp is specifically designed to offer a balance of fun and learning during winter break. The program helps to encourage and reinforce core learning activities such as language arts, math and science.

On a personal note, I enrolled my son in KinderCare this past summer to prepare him for kindergarten. Jason had a lot of fun in his class and was learning new things at the same time. He also made friends and two of them ended up being in his kindergarten class! What I liked about the KinderCare facility is that they do have an open door policy, and the facility is very secure (password security lock at the front door). All the staff we came into contact with was very nice and we even still see Jason's teacher once in a while when she drives the bus to the elementary school to pick up kids after school. We think KinderCare is great!

For more information and to find a KinderCare camp near you, visit KinderCare's website. You can also find science experiments to do at home by clicking here.

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