Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Review - He Is We

I recently listened to He Is We’s debut album, My Forever. He Is We is a duo made of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly.


1. Forever & Ever
2. All about us
3. Everything you do
4. And Run
5. Happily ever after
6. Kiss It Better
7. Prove you wrong
8. Blame it on the rain
9. Love Life
10. Fall
11. And Run (bonus track with acoustic vocals)

My thoughts: I really liked the album and fell in love with Rachel's voice; so sweet and soothing. My favorite genre of music is pop and He Is We's music has a very melodic pop feel. Although I liked all of the songs, my very favorite would probably have to be Happily Ever After and I was happy to see that the lyrics (to all the songs) were included in the CD so I was able to sing along! Here's what says about the duo - “If you love sweet, straightforward, melodic pop music, you owe it to yourself to listen to He Is We." I definitely agree and would highly recommend you listen to this album!

To find out more about He Is We, visit their website or Facebook page and you can also see their video for Happily Ever After (track #5).

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